Finally, a bit of a break from the arctic chill which felt like it was here forever! With the slight rise in temperatures here in the Highcountry, this makes for a great time to get out and do some fishing in one of our many local wild and stocked trout streams. Delayed Harvest waters are still going strong and now that they aren’t frozen solid, those fish will want to eat!

However, the water temps are still going to be slow, meaning the fish will be lethargic and really need to be enticed in order to strike. Fishing attractors such as egg patterns and squirmy worms will help get their attention. These patterns can then be trailed by a smaller nymph or midge (Pheasant Tails, Zebra Midges, Baetis, etc.) can be very effective tactics to find the winter bites. In some cases you may need to literally drift your fly into the fishes mouth to get them to feed.

As always, when heading out during the winter be sure to bundle up and use caution when wading. Bringing a warm hat and gloves, as well as wearing a warm pair of pants and socks under your waders is key. If you don’t have a good pair of fishing gloves or wading socks, come on by and we’ll get you all geared up for the cold and ready to catch some fish!



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